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You Really Can Treat and Even Recover Your Child From Autism. We Teach You How. 

This website is the first and only “doctor-driven” site created to assist you in the biomedical treatment of your child. Using internationally respected DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) protocols, Doctor Kurt Woeller presents a comprehensive, interactive, community for the education and step-by-step instruction of biomedical autism intervention to help you treat and potentially recover your child from autism or an autism-spectrum disorder.

While there is a wealth of information available to you through the many organization we support, including Autism Research Institute, Generation Rescue, TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) and others,, goes way beyond providing you with information. is a one-stop environment where you get the tools, education, resources and empowerment to implement biomedical autism intervention to help your child.

"I LOVE IT!!! What a great concept. This is fabulous. There are so many people just HERE in AZ that are clueless about Biomed and want to get started but don't know how, don't have money, insurance doesn't cover, etc. This is a very happy medium, I think, for people to get access to testing and then help deciphering what it means, plus a network of experienced parents and Dr. Woeller in the Parent chat room."

- Terri H.,


membership map Eliminates The Fears, Uncertainty and "Learning Curve" Associated With Beginning Biomedical Intervention For Your Child.

If you had to describe the many benefits of an membership into just one word, (and it wouldn’t be easy!) that word would have to be “access.”

AAPPrescriptionformthumb.jpgYour Membership Gives You The Tools, Knowledge and Confidence To Succeed. 

ACCESS to the detailed, specific information you need to know when undertaking a biomedical autism intervention. This information has been assembled from over a decade of research and clinical practice experience from not just Dr. Woeller, but the best people in their respective fields in the autism community. 


This vital information has been broken down into easy-to-understand pieces that are given to you via video and audio clips, presentations, downloadable and printable guides with photos and illustrations – everything you need, to not just inform you, but help you fully understand what, how and why biomedical autism treatment is, and the wonderful effects it can have for your child.

ACCESS to Dr. Kurt Woeller and other top biomedical autism specialists. Dr. Woeller has brought together the best and brightest minds in the autism community and brings them to you via members-only Parent Forum.

ACCESS to the most recognized suppliers of autism-specific products and services. including lab work, supplements, GFCF and other autism diet and nutritional information and products, pharmaceuticals and medications, including Methyl–B12, Nystatin, Diflucan, Low Dose Naltrexone, Glutathione and much, much more.

ACCESS to Test Interpretations so that after your child’s lab work is completed, you will be able to compare your child’s test results with our downloadable illustrative guides and follow along with video presentations that explain in detail each and every section of the test results. There are also recommendations and explanations on how to proceed to treat these issues, based on many case studies with those specific indications.

ACCESS to parents of other children who are also involved in biomedical autism treatment with their children. These parents are an invaluable resource to help you understand that you are not alone, and can help inspire and guide you through this journey. Hopefully, you too, will help others with your experiences.


ACCESS to your child. Biomedical autism intervention has been highly effective for many children on the spectrum. While some see just minor improvements, many children have overwhelming success - even complete recovery from autism. Obviously, there is no guarantee your child will have a full recovery, but many do, and…isn’t it worth trying to see if your child, like so many others will respond so well to these treatments. is not meant to replace your doctor. For some people, a biomedical autism specialist is not an option, due to geographic or economic barriers. (Did you know an initial visit and follow up with a biomedical autism doctor can cost around $1,000?)


For those people, an membership can get them started on a biomedical intervention program for their children, right away. Other people, who are already seeing a doctor, use their membership for additional research, information and contact with parents and specialists in between doctor visits. These people also claim they are able to make their doctor's visits more productive, as they now come to appointments fully prepared, informed, and ready for the next part of their child's treatment. 

Whether you want to use alone or with your physician, your membership empowers you to take the actions you need to guide your child successfully through biomedical autism intervention.

" is an amazing website, essential for all parents implementing biomedical treatments. The information found in this site would benefit patients who see Dr. Woeller at his office, as well as those who do not. As I watched some of the lectures I was able to clear up some material that I did not fully grasp before. 

My husband and I just returned from a biomedical autism conference and I felt I could have saved myself $400 and just went over the website for 8 hours. SERIOUSLY! What a great resource! I love that I can research my questions any time of day, when the kids are asleep or when I only have 5 minutes to spare.  

Autism has left a large wound in my spirit. As my son heals so does the wound, but every once in awhile I break down with heavy tears when I cannot control the emotional scars that are still there. It is at times like this that I turn I love that every time I come away from the site I am empowered by the information found there. I build my resolve, not to surrender to autism and fight my way to recovery for my son and my family. I only wish I had this resource in the beginning. I am just thankful to have it now!"

- Celeste M.,


Get Started Helping Your Child Right Away!

For Less Cost Than a Tank of Gas, For Less Than it Costs To Take Your Family Out For a Meal, You Can Learn To Treat Your Child With:

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gif12 Week Action Plan

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifParent Forum/Chat Room

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifDoctor-Driven Biomedical Autism Treatment Education, Resources and Tools

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifVideo Lectures

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifInstructional Videos

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifBiomedical Protocols

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifDownloadable Prescription Forms & Learning Guides

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifTherapies Covered: Methyl B-12, Heavy Metals, Supplements, Yeast & Bacteria, Digestive Problems and More

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifLab Tests

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifLab Test Interpretations

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifAutism-Specific Resources

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifAudio Blog

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifBiomedical Troubleshooting

redcheckmarkgraphic30.gifEmpowerment to Treat & Even Recover Your Child From Autism 


Healthcare Practitioners & Parents Agree, The Sooner You Begin Biomedical Autism Intervention, The better The Results You Can Achieve. 

You Can Join Right Now, And Get Instant Access To The Tools And Information You Need To Treat Your Child

"What a GREAT website!! I can't believe how much information you have collected and placed on this site.  It's amazing!!  I wish this was  here  when I was starting out. This is the first Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) doctor - involved message board - which is HUGE to the community. People are paying  their Defeat Autism Now (DAN!)  doctors from $300 - $500 per hour for a visit or telephone consultation, but for the price of membership they can have access to one of these doctors and group of experienced parents all year.  The 12 Week Action Plan is incredibly helpful. As Jenny McCarthy says, when her  son was diagnosed, there was no "here's what to do" brochure. The 12 Week Action Plan is it!"

- Michele S., 



We Look Forward To Helping You And Your Family.

autism treatment,autism recovery,autism,Biomedical autism intervention, Biomedical autism treatment,dr kurt woeller,autism action plan,generation rescue,TACA,Defeat Autism Now DAN!
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