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12 Week Autism Action PlanThis step-by-step, easy to follow plan guides you through the first 12 weeks of biomedical intervention, including the gluten and casein-free diet, general supplement support, methyl-B12 therapy, and urine and stool testing for yeast, bacteria and other metabolic and digestive imbalances commonly seen with individuals on the autism-spectrum. By following this 12 Week outline you will be able to confidently begin your child with biomedical practices and therapies - now!
Downloadable Prescription FormsThese prescriptions are in a .pdf format that you can download and print out on your home computer printer. You simply take them to your personal physician or child's pediatrician for their signature. The forms are then faxed to the appropriate pharmacy (which is included on the form) and your prescription will be sent directly to your home.

Each downloadable prescription form also contains information to your doctor explaining dosage recommendations.
Dr. Kurt Woeller Live ChatAsk Dr. Kurt Woeller your specific questions during his LIVE Chat sessions.
Dr. Woeller's LecturesThis section provides in-depth biomedical lectures that cover a wide range of topics. Each presentation is broken down into chapters for ease of viewing and quick reference. This section is definitely to be used to help educate yourself about a wide array of biomedical therapies and diagnostic assessments.
Forum/Chat RoomMembers Forum where parents of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and physicians/health care practitioners treating patients with autism can ask questions, interact, help, and support each other. Moderators, as well as Dr. Woeller, are also available for assistance with your specific questions.
Instructional VideosVideo that explain specific therapies and treatments that can positively impact your child.
Lab Work OrdersGet autism-specific lab work ordered right from this website. The test kits are sent to your home. Each test kit has specific instructions on how to collect test kit samples. Also, there are videos on this website that show how to proceed with test kit procedures as well. Send the samples back in the supplied packaging and you will receive your child's test results in 10 to 14 days. We've made it very easy to get the lab work you need to help your child.
Methyl B-12We have an entire section on the incredible benefits of using Methyl B-12 therapy to help your child. Attention, focusing, awareness, language and improved cognitive abilities can all be helped by Methyl-B12. Videos, step-by-step photo guide and in-depth articles explain the benefits, effectiveness and how to order and administer this very popular therapy.
Test InterpretationsLearn how to read and understand the information on your child's lab work results. Compare your lab reports with our Test Interpretations guidelines for recommendations on what to do next based on your child's specific findings.
Video TutorialsDr. Kurt Woeller, Autism specialist physician, explains demonstrates and teaches the various actions to take while treating your child.
Wish ListThis section is used for you to list what you would like to learn regarding biomedical intervention for autism. Submit your suggestions and we will do our best to create video, lecture presentations, written material and/or audio/video blogging about your specific interests.

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autism treatment,autism recovery,autism,Biomedical autism intervention, Biomedical autism treatment,dr kurt woeller,autism action plan,generation rescue,TACA,Defeat Autism Now DAN!
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